Error when creating a new project

I open a new project and add the full drum set instrument to the solo player. Switch to write mode. Click in stave. Then the attached dmp file is created. About 5-10 seconds later, the Halion Sonic SE window appears.
VSTAudioEngine22.1.10.328 64bit 2019.1.12 10.03.dmp (487 KB)

Hm, I will have a look at the dump tomorrow in the office.
But Dorico keeps on working and is playing, or what exactly is happening afterwards?

No playback followed by application not responding

Hi Mark, looking at the crash dump file, it turns out that your case is one more of a really rare fault in HALion Sonic SE.
It took us a long time to analyze this problem and we are still not sure under what circumstances it actually happens.
We believe it is somehow system dependent and only very few customers are affected by it.
However, a few weeks ago we found a resolution to this, but this fix has not made it yet into production code of HSSE.
It will become publicly available with the next HSSE maintenance update (which schedule I don’t know).
Let me know if you want an intermediate built (that fixes the issue).

Hi Ulf. Thanks for investigating. Glad this is something you have a fix for. I would like the intermediate build if that is possible.

I’ve sent you a private mail, please check.

FWIW, still no love with the updated halion. I think it is time for a new computer. In addition to being unfriendly to Dorico, the offending Dell XPS-15 laptop is physically falling apart. Thanks for your help with this, to date.