Error when editing Midi note length in Key Editor-

Hi All
When I try to edit a note length in the key editor a new part is created as if I was ‘step entering’ midi parts. I’ve tried everything including tech support but can’t find a solution. I have all the latest updates and am a 15 year Cubase user so this is a new problem in C6.4 Windows 7.
Any help please! thanks, joe

To help with understanding the problem, please make sure you are using the correct terms. When you say it creates a new “part” do you mean it creates a new “event” (a new note)? I think this problem may be easily illustrated if you can post some screenshots or, better yet, a video of the action. There really isn’t much information to go on at this point.

I think I remember when dragging a note to adjust its length, and inadvertently crossing the end of the part boundary, a dialogue pops up asking whether I want to extend the part length or … another option I can’t remember, but maybe it was whether to create a new part instead.

Maybe at some point in the past you’ve shut down the dialogue by clicking the check box “… Click here if you don’t want to see this message again”.

Maybe there’s a preference you can use, might possibly be worth it to trawl through them to see. Apologies if this has nothing to do w/ your specific problem, hope you get it sorted out!