Error when i open a project! Help

Cubase 10 Pro, Win10.
Please Help!
It may be a conflict with some plugins?

p.s. name dmp-files in the screenshot does not match whis attached files, because I was trying to open a few times. Files in general those that need!

p.p.s I attached 2 files, because errors were 2, one comes after the other!

(sry bad English)
Cubase 64bit 2020.6.3 (861 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.6.3 (917 KB)

Somehow I opened this files, and I understand the problem of ozone 9. I remove ozone(and mixchecker, sonarworks, gullfoss in any case, because all of them there is written in this files).
Now when i open the project, the error does not appear, cubase just closed at the initial stage of loading without any errors, leaving no log and dmp files.

P.S. I return - ozone and other plugins, and again began to appear a mistake. It means the problem with these plug-ins? but if removed them, and the project still does not open.

Please help guys! It’s very important project!