Error when removing favorites in Score Editor

In the Score Editor the Favorites tab seems pre-populated by a handful of buttons - Fermat, crescendo, some dynamics etc. Whenever I right click to remove any of them I get a warning that “a serious error has occurred.” I don’t get this with any buttons I’ve added to the Favorites if I remove them. Anyone else seen this happen?

Here what happens upon removing the prepopulated buttons is an instant, reproducible crash.
The error dialog then says: Cubase quit unexpectedly.

Mac 10.8.2, C7.01.

Wanna post this in the Issues forum?

Thanks for the confirmation. Interesting it causes a crash for you. I just get the error message and a suggestion to try and save my current project and restart Cubase. But if I don’t restart Cubase it seems to behave normally - not that I trust it is.

I posted it on the issues forum.