Error when trying to update to 11.0.40

C11 Error
Any ideas? I tried the Microsoft installer fix program - made no difference at all.

Fixed it myself.

From my laptop, which did perform the update successfully, I exported the Cubase 11 Registry entry from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\nnnnnn…
(where ‘nnnnnn’ is some sort of product identifier)

I then imported this registry entry into my studio PC.

Installation then worked as it should.

I’m leaving this entry in order that it may help someone else, but I’m not claiming it as the only, or as a safe/correct way, to solve this kind of problem. All I can say is that it worked for me.


Make sure, Cubase 11 had been installed on the system C drive, please.

Thanks for responding.

Nothing unusual in my installation, and I’ve been upgrading this PC since Cubase 10 with no previous problems. Cubase has only ever been installed to C:

Anyway, the registry entry I’ve detailed above fixed the problem.

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