Error when using Waves L3-16


I keep getting random crashes and error messages while using the Waves L3-16 limiter in the mastering section. A majority of the time, the errors happen as I close Wavelab but it can happen at other times.

I’ve attached a JPEG of the message.



Using which Waves version?
Try with anyway with the upcoming WaveLab 7.1.

Hi PG,

I am using the latest version of Waves (8). Will try with upcoming Wavelab update.


I just tried the new Wavelab v7.1 and the error messages with the L3-16 are still happening.

I would suggest you to contact Waves on this issue, because the error happens inside the Waves plugin, and there is little I can do here.

I’ve a problem with IDR from Waves too. With Waves 7 and 8, latests versions.