Error while backing up

im trying to “back up project” and everytime i find Nuendo not backing up.
I get this error.

Can anyone say if he can backup via the Nuendo 8?

I presume there’s an audio file that can’t be copied for whatever reason, but without more info from you it’s not possible to say more.

Yes, on Nuendo, Backup Project is working here.

Ok. just tell me what info do you need.


tried on mac OSX. same error result.

Check in Pool the path of your files. Is there any entry that doesnt seem possible, like a path to a drive that no longer is online.
Thats the most common reason for Back Ups not working in my experience.



I just had this problem, a file in the pool was no longer connected for some reason. Replaced it and all worked as expected.

all my files are in the path to the directory.
But niw I have a bigger problem. For some unknown reason I tried to backup again today to a new folder and :

  1. I notice its backing up the video files - even when it shouldnt.
  2. some of the files, went to the new backup folder (not completed plus “serious error”) and they are no longer in the main folder

this is not cool. the Nuendo backup system is dividing my project when im trying to back up.

more than that…

My videos are in a seperated HDD. after the non working backup the nuendo copied the videos to the backup folder and the path has changed fron the “videos” HDD to the “Projects” HDD.

I need some help here. I need to back up the project to a one place not to dived it and changing paths of files.
I earsed the bad new backup folder and geuss what - files were missing!
god bless the trash can.

My experience with N8 is awful.

This sounds like a corrupt prefs problem, have you checked that?

What is the best way to check that without loosing any key commands or presets. Im in a middle of a project with deadline, I cant experiment now.

Rename the directory: %appdata%\Steinberg\Nuendo 7 _64 to anything different, (like
“Nuendo 7_64 bad prefs”) which forces Nuendo to rebuild prefs from scratch. If you have a lot of VSTs it will take some time.

If this helps the situation, you can move your preset folder and key commands file into the newer, good prefs folder. If it doesn’t, you can delete the new prefs folder and un-rename the old folder.

Either way your prefs are safe.

That said, it is a good idea to back up that folder frequently.

Edit: it says Nuendo 7 in your sig, but this is in the Nuendo 8 forum. if you actually use 8, change the 7 to an 8! (kind of obvious, but worth saying)