Error: "You can not run two instances of vst connect"

Hi. I’m considering buying VST Connect Pro, so I downloaded the trial version today. Problem is when I click “Create VST Connect”, I got “you can not run two instances of vst connect”, and sometimes followed by “VST System Link has been deactivated because of too many receive errors!”. Other VST Cloud command are greyed-out (I guess this is correct). The “VST Connect Info” shows “Activate Control Room”, “Load Cue Mix”, and “Load Monitor” in grey, while other processes are blue.
My OS is Windows 11 Beta, so that’s my first suspect, but I need it because Win 10 freezes from time to time and other programs run perfectly fine here including Cubase Artist 11, so I will try to keep it.
I saw some previous topics about this error but none seemed to be my case. I have tried uninstalling all Steinberg products including e-licenser, reboot, then install just Cubase and VST Connect, but I still got the same problem.
Anything else I should try? Thank you in advance.

Make sure you got the latest VST Connect version (5.0.10 as of today). Then remove all VST Connect ports from the Control Room (Studio/Control Room remove all VST Connect Cue), then “Create VST Connect” or “Repair VST Connect” from the cloud menu.
The message “VST System Link has been deactivated because of too many receive errors!” is highly suspect, you should disable VST System Link unless you use it (uncheck Studio/StudioSetup/VST System Link/Active). If that isn’t ticked, there is something seriously going wrong with your setup or system.

Thank you very much for your help. Now I know the root cause. It requires Cubase Pro and my version is Artist. The trial download page says “A host application such as Cubase or Nuendo is required”, so I thought they mean any edition of Cubase. Actually it should not install at all because it might confuse the user (and it should show “accurate” error messages too). Too bad that I didn’t take the -40% upgrade deal few days ago, I never realized I would need any of Pro functionalities :frowning:

Actually I did not research about VST Connect at all, I just want it today because my voice talent can’t come due to the covid situation here. Hopefully their staff will find my message and offer the offer to me :sob:

That doesn’t sound right, thanks for pointing, forwarded to the relevant colleagues.

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