Errorcode FFA-8-000D [8007001f] Playback failed

I´ve carefully installed Cubase LE4 with all drives and updates, together with my Zoom H4 and the software and ASIO from their homepage. Even formated and reinstalled the Windows 7 that I use. Still I get the errorcode on the picture. What´s wrong and how do I fix it?

Don’t use DirectX driver, but the Zoom ASIO driver.

Thanks, but I´ve tried some diffrent ASIO drivers already. Most recently ASIO4ALL (with all of its Youtube-tutorials…). Still no sound. DirectX Full Duplex Driver is the only one who has somewhat worked before but haven´t found a decent download. I´ve tried but never managed with the Zoom H Series Asio. Just silence.
Is there anywhere else than Devise setup and VST Connections in Cubase LE4 to change/see the settings?

With the ZOOM ASIO driver selected did you have speakers/headphones connected to the ZOOM device? If not, that would explain your silence.

Thanks, but of course I have, provided that I only have looked in the Control panel and Device manager + Devise setup and VST Connections in Cubase LE4. More places for settings?