ErrorCorrection markers

In the Error Correction Options tab there is a box named “Remove Markers after Correction”. I ran the “detect all errors” macro with the box checked, but the error markers didn’t disappear so I had to manually delete them.
Is this something you can fix on the next update?

PS: I have just updated to WL9Pro 9.1.0

Eirik S

“Remove Markers after Correction” is meant to happen after you correct an error. But here, you mention detecting an error.

I’m sorry.
I forgot to mention that I of course pressed the “correct all marked errors” button. The markers are still there.

When you correct, the “detection” markers are replaced with “correction” markers (this is an option, On by default). The difference of color is not big. Maybe this is what you observe.

I can’t find a problem.

I cannot remember if the ErrorCorrection app was exactly the same in WL7, but I’m sure all the error markers disappeared after the “correct all marked errors” macro was executed.
When I run the “detect all errors” macro I want to see the markers so I can evaluate, but after the “correct all marked errors” macro has ran, I don’t want any of the error related markers to remain visible. That was how it worked in WL7. Has that changed, or has what is default changed from WL7 to WL9?
I apologize for my probable stupidity…