Errors during record of MIDI control data

I have connected a Roland 700NX to my iPad. When I make a recording with Cubasis using the sustain pedal, it sometimes does not record key-off messages and keys are not switched off. After playback I have to exit Cubasis to switch them off. Also Cubasis does not record the pitch wheel control data, although in real time, the effect of the pitch wheel is heard.

This is quite a disappointment and I hope an update will fix this soon.

Hi Majorminor,

Which interface you use to connected the Roland 700NX to the iPad ?

it sometimes does not record key-off messages

That means it is an intermittent issue and not reproducable every time ?

Broken pitch wheel control data overdub recording is a known Bug and will be fixed in the next update.


Hi Jan,

I used several interfaces (USB-USB, USB-MIDI) on several keyboards (Roland 700NX, Yamaha P155). The problem is not specifically intermittent, but depends on the note sequence you play. With some note sequences the problem can be reproduced every time.

Please note that I don’t talk about the known pitch wheel overdub issue.

At this moment Steinberg is investigating the problem and will post here when they have a solution or other information.

The first Cubase update records pedal sustain data without errors. Great! :smiley:

@ Seinbergian Frieder : thanks again for your great support!