Errors in recordings with wavelab

Hi All,

I don’t know this problem is already known…

When I record (mixsessions) with my wavelab, everything seems fine.
But when I listen to it it has a few errors, it sounds a little like the needle skips on a records, a small part of the song is missing.
This happens 2, 3, 4 times an hour, sometimes 2 and sometimes more, but it always happens.

What can I do about it?


Did you try increasing the ASIO block size? What’s your current setting?

I always record at sample rate 44 100 and 16 bit, because I make mix sessions for some radio’s and the servers programs work only with these settings.

If I increase the sample rate for recording, can I convert it later to 44 100 without any problems?


Check menu
Options / Audio Streaming Settings…

select ASIO driver for your Audio Device

click on “Control panel” button

Buffer Size / Sample
latency for your Audio Device ASIO driver
default is 512
try higher setting like 768 or more

regards S-EH

OK sorry…
My settings seems diffirent than your’s S-EH

These are my settings
Audio Streaming Settings

Audio Device “Windows MME”
Options :

Buffer Number 6
Buffer Size 16384

Initialize streaming engine at first use
*Reset driver when changing sample rate
*Perform short fade-in/out when starting/stopping playback
Release driver when wavelab elements is in background

Playback pre-roll times Playback pre-roll times
Default 1s 1s
Alternative 4s

I never changed them.

In the Recording and playback section the setting is Microsoft (alternative is line-in Soundblaster X-fi or Digital Audio S/PDIF Sound)
I use a Sound Blaster X FI soundcart

So I have to set one of the alternatives I guess…

Can you try with an asio driver?


Sorry for the late answer!

Where can I find the right ASIO driver?