Errors when copying sound content from download folder to installation folder

I can install Dorico 5, but when I try to update the instuments and sounds from the download manager it is an endless stream of dialogs about it couldn’t copy the sound files from my download folder to " /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content". Why?

Could be missing “Full Disk Access” in system preferences for the Download Manager application?

That’s what I thought… Turned that on and still have problems.

Maybe the same for “Steinberg Library Manager” which tries to move the sound files??

and you have enough free space?

I did have an issue where the subfolders of “Content” didn’t have the correct permissions, so the installer couldn’t save the files there.

I made them Owned by me (my User), and rwr-r-r.

Both my Macs had this same problem. The only way I could resolve Dorico 5 opening with missing sound file errors on the Macs, was to do a brute force copy of the Steinberg/Content folder from my Windows PC to both Macs. Download assistant kept loading the files to my Downloads folder then every copy would fail. If I deleted the files from the downloads folder, Dorico could not load the sound files.