ESC and Cntrl+D

I keep hitting Esc to deselect an item without success.
And I keep asking myself why Esc couldnt do what Cntrl+D does

so I’m asking respectfully that esc also deselects

Please explain the circumstances in which it’s useful for you to be able to leave nothing selected on screen. I can’t think of a single action (outside of entry mode) where (using default keyboard shortcuts) Dorico allows you to change something without requiring at least two keypresses, so it’s intentionally difficult to change something by accident. The main advantage of leaving something selected is the ability to then hop from item to item without requiring the use of a mouse.

I fell in a situation where editing a dotted quarter to show as 8th tied to a 1/4 with the help of alt+shift+arrow and force duration. D3 didnt let me move further to the next note with the R arrow and the only way to finalise the FD was to click outside or Cntrl+D
I tried hard to reproduce to no avail. Must have been a user or D3 glitch.

thanks Leo