ESC default for “panic” to Shift+ESC suggestion

Hi! I would suggest change default key for “panic” to Shift+Esc.

Esc button is assigned booth by Win and Osx for things like toggle fullscr video.

Seems Esc btn is better to left un-utilised by VSTL, meanwhile it will remain active by OperatingSystem.

Currently pressing ESC is firing “panic” in VSTL + OS’s action for ESC btn.

Maybe this is my opinion and experience only, I’ve changed mine already.

Working with video today I stumbeled here as well.

For those not familiar with it: You can change it in Actions and Shortcuts.
I understand you want the default setting to change, and you have a good point. However, changing defaults is always tricky, the manual refers to it and after cleaning user data, when running into a panic situation, this might be challenging.

Hi @musicullum
I rather meant it changing default for “panic” in developer side. No rush, just an idea to avoid app/os level confusion for the same ESC key.

Yes I understood that, but the problem remains. New version, clean data, drone, escape: still drone. Right?

Ohhh I see, I see!