Esc productivity

Esc on the iPad works for backing out of note entry, but AFAIK not anywhere else. There must be a reason for the omission but it escapes me (ha ha). Dorico iPad is pretty well perfect within its limitations, but the one thing I keep bumping is having to tap outside of popovers and hit the buttons on dialogs.

Anyhow, a 14” and possibly 16” is coming out in the near future. Presently it seems to work best for smaller projects, but with the new iPad’s I’m eyeing using it for possibly everything. Having a portable low power screen makes it a real paper replacement. So doing all the initial work on iPad (sketching to orchestrating) and then transferring to desktop for finishing out seems possible, but the Esc key seems to be the biggest hangup for productivity.

Apple’s own keyboards for the iPad don’t have Esc keys, and although you can e.g. map the “globe” key to Esc if you want, I guess relatively few users do that. However, at some point we’ll take a look at trying to wire up Esc in more places on iPad.


Thanks Daniel, that would be great. Yeah I don’t have the (expensive) iPad dock because there’s no function keys, numpad and no esc, instead I use the regular Apple full wireless keyboard which works perfectly. With a few mappings for note entry durations and other, the numpad is really all you need I’ve found for fast work, anyhow I can’t work without it.

Dorico iPad is now a serious tool for getting all the writing done, all it takes is the addition of the desktop keyboard. Pretty amazing combination, I used to dream of the possibility as a kid and now it’s finally here. Anyhow I think there’s to main use cases for the iPad - mobile use, and more stationary use for those who need to get away from the computer.

Popovers, dialogs and score text entry seem to be the top three I hit btw.

As long as you make esc cancel entry in progress like it should, and not just duplicate Enter, please.

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