Escape and Ctl-Z doesn't allow the same note value for input

When I’m writing eighth notes and I want to test out some voicings. I hit Esc to get out of note input, figure out voicings or notes and when I hit Ctl-Z to get back into note input, the value is back to quarter note. It should go back to eighth note, no?

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No, it always defaults back to quarter notes, or matches the duration of a selected note if you restart note input with a note selected. Try pressing Shift-N to restart note input instead.

Alternatively, use pitch before duration note input to try out voicings without leaving note input - notes are only input once you specify the duration.

+1. I always use pitch-first input for this very reason. Test out voicings as much as you want, then when you are ready, hit the duration to input. You never have the hassle of leaving and returning to the input cursor and don’t have to hit Esc a zillion times in the course of writing.

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In all of the other programs/apps that I use that when you use Ctl-Z, the program reverts back to what it was before. Can I put this on my wish list for Dorico 4? It would save one step in the workflow. Thanks!!

I agree. I struggle to see why the input in standard mode is always reset to a crochet.