I’ve assembled a collection of thematically related songs and called it what used to be known as an “album” :laughing:

It’s not a cheerful album, a ‘concept’ offering, quite dark-themed, political - much like the stuff I used to listen to decades ago in fact! I guess this one could be considered my homage to Floyd.


Listen at your leisure… or otherwise.


Just had a listen through all "cept New Dawn which I listened to a week or so ago…
I definately envy the fasdtidiousnessnessness of the production and arrangement of your songs, very sophisticated sound. :mrgreen: you must spend a lot of time searching for sounds (this drives me nuts) :imp:
I reckon Pink Floyd and other groups of that time had it easy, bunch of producers arrangers and engineers around them making it easier to be creative, we 're doing evrything ourselves, I spend one hour writing a song and the next month trying to figure out how my VST’s work :laughing: If I had someone in the studio who knew what they were doing I’d get a lot more songs done and to a higher production standard :frowning:
good mood throughout the whole album although “Game is over” seems a bit jolly compared to the general theme…
“Sanctuary” …super…liked it a lot as I did the opening “Conflict” both could be in a movie such as “Blood Diamond” for instance,
are you singing Latin in “Take me away”? If so you can be my first intellectual internet friend :laughing:
I think “filling in Time” is the weakest track on the album and I still think you should sing in a higher key, maybe just a semitone, I think it brings more of a sense of urgency to a song.
not a fan of apocalyptic songs or themes …can only think of one at the mo that does it for me and it’s called “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire…I think :confused: but this album is a good listen :slight_smile:
anyway Ian, this is great work and I would be very chuffed to bits if I’d put this together…how do you get all the tracks at the same level?


Cheers Kevin :slight_smile: And no… the ‘latin’ part is a sample - which coincidentally happened to be in te right key and pretty much identical tempo. I just had to make a few minor tweaks to the phrasing/timing.

I level all the tracks in a separate Cubase project - a 24bit ‘mastering’ setup. I pick the loudest part of each song and using the loudness metering adjust each tracks fader so they are all the same on the LUFS meter then mix them all down again.


I will listen to this through… haven’t found the time yet. But looking forward to it.

Also stretched for time too so I just listened to a minute or two of each. Overall qualty production throughout, no surprise there. Listened to more of Filling In Time, really liked the tone, mix, harmony and melody; great production overall. A New Dawn was cool too, pretty sombre with a cool rhythm. Good stuff, hope you’re doing alright bud.

My, that is dark. Sound, arrangement, performance, is excellent, but I certainly noticed the dark mood. Especially Jing and I, to which I listened twice. I have heard at least of couple of these before, but not sure if I’ve heard them all? “Eschaton” means “the end” in Greek? Everything ok there? Great job Ian.

Thanks both for taking the time. It’s a big ask expecting someone to listen to an entire album I know! In fact it’s a big asking expecting anyone to listen just one track! :smiley: So, much appreciated.

And yes it is dark and apocalyptic which I think has a certain appeal in itself, but don’t worry… it’s not any kind of reflection of my current state of mind or mental health! I’m fine. Just ask my wife. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh that’s right… she dies in the song “Jing & I” :laughing:


You’re welcome, and your tracks are generally enjoyable to listen to anyway so it’s not that big an ask anyway. :wink: