espanding beat desinger?

it it possible to expand beat designer beyond its default 8 tracks? I use the Andy Sneap kit in ezdrummer and it’s not possible to have all the toms available in beat designer. any suggestions?


Yes, this is possible. Too add another layer, click to very small + button in the slider section on bottom (see attached screenshot, please.)
Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 20.38.42.png

Thanks for the response. Now my next question would be now that I can expand beat designer can I get more track outputs from ezdrummer? I’m using the Metal Machine exz and obviously it has more componets than the pop/rock kit
so this is why I’d like to have more track outputs rather than the standard 8 outputs.

Sorry, I don’t know eudrummer. Hopefuly some one else. :wink: