Essential 4 distorts and crashes

I’m running Essential 4 thru Windows XP pro. While working on a project the playback will randomly become highly distorted and require a ‘save & re-open’ to fix the problem. Sometimes I am prompted to save the project as a new version because the old version has become “unstable”. Over the course of a few hours this can happen dozens of times. I have not been able to find this topic in the threads. Open to suggestions.

Whats your sound card?

And other system specs would be handy…

see next post

I installed a new sound card just to see if it made a difference. I also deleted any unused drivers, files and programs that may be hanging things up or slowing the CPU down. I now run:

Windows XP Pro
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
3.25 Ghz RAM
Cubase Essential 4
M-Audio Audiophile 192 sound card
M-Audio NRV-10 Firewire mixer
M-Audio Firewire ASIO driver

I’m still getting the problem. I see the term “crackle” used a lot. I call it distortion but we’re probably talking about the same problem. I’ve tried switching the buffer settings on the ASIO control panel but see no difference. The crash can happen at any time - even at idle. If I work on a project for an hour chances are I’ll have to “save and re-open” a few dozen times.
Very annoying and frustrating