Essential 4 License notification error

I have been using Cubase Essential 4 for many years with no problems or glitches until this week when I tried to open the program and a window popped up which read eLicenser Control - Error, then the following text -
Application ‘Cubase Essential 4’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.


  • For troubleshooting information click .
  • Click to view available licenses.
  • Connect a valid eLicenser and click .
  • Click to abort.

I’ve asked Steinberg for help but no response yet from them. I still have the Activation Code and I’ve downloaded the upgraded soft eLicenser to see if that helps but nothing. I can’t even remember if there was a dongle supplied with Essential 4 as it was nine years ago. Does anybody know of a way round this as I’ve got loads of music in the program that I can’t lose?
Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Start eLicenser Control Centre as administrator and trigger Maintenance. Some Windows updates corrupt the eLCC file.

I hope this will work to you.

Hi Martin,
Thank you very much for your reply. A friend of mine also said that Windows updates can cause problems, so I am beginning to believe that that is the problem as it has worked perfectly since its first installation, which was an upgrade from SE3. I’ll try your suggestion.