estimating a custom effect

effect: compressor/Expander
presets: “reduce peaks”

This effect attempts to lower the high spikes and peaks with soundwaves and attempt to focus on normalizing volume.
Repeat this process with “Normalize”, “Reduce Peaks”, “Normalize”.

Any way to recreate that in the Steinberg tool set (aka WaveLab Elements 9).

any suggestions?

I should mention the custom effect described is from GoldWave.

One way to do exactly that in Elements 9.5 would be:

Process - Level - Maximum

Then with the Peak Master in the Master Section with Out Ceiling < 0, press the Render in Place button on the Peak Master.

Then, Process - Level - Maximum again.

You could try that then compare to the Goldwave result and adjust the Peak Master Out Ceiling and Softness as needed.

Probably best to work on a copy of the audio file if you don’t want to render.

Thanks for the information.

Where in the master section is the peak master?


Okay I found the items in question:
I’ve set the peak master out ceiling to 0.00db, and then performed a “render in place”.
But nothing changed.
Any help?
p.s. I’m still a WaveLab newbie.

Out Ceiling has to be less than 0 to reduce the peaks in this particular procedure. Try Out Ceiling at -0.5, or whatever amount you want to reduce the peak(s), but it will become audible (in a bad way) at some point.

thanks, I figured out what I was looking for.
quick follow-up question: is there integration between WaveLav and Cubase?

If you mean like this
I guess so.

perfect, thanks.