Estrange problem cuased by Altiverb 7 on cubase 8

Hello there,
I’m having a very strange problem using altiverb 7.2.5 64 bit on cubase 8.0.10 64 bit, window 7 64 bit.
could please someone try to reproduce it?
I’ve been dealing with this seems 1 year ago, as this also occurs on cubase 7.5
I contact audio easy support but they can’t reproduce it, so I don’t have support from them, steinberg looking at this but I think if one of you can reproduce the crash would be really helpful.

In order to reproduce this please download from the link bellow the project file I’m working on the moment and also a video showing how the crash is happening.
If not, open a project with a lot of midi channels and midi events, take out all of the plugings and load only altiverb in one insert.
This is important While holding down the control key select with the mouse many midi events at the same time.
Repeat it for a while consistently until cubase crash.
Please look at the video there you’ll see how is happen at list on my system.
Thank to all on advance for the help :smiley: