ESX24 import to C7

Is there a way to import my ESX24 sample bank into C7, in for instant HALion?

HALion Sonic SE, which is part od Cubase 7, is not full sampler. You can’t import any 3rd party samples.

But HALion 4 is full sampler, and you can import EXS24 samplese here.

Thanks! That’s great! Looking forward to buying it and setting this up!

Hey Martin,

I have been trying to figure out how to do this. I got Halion 4 now, but cannot find any literature on the subject nor figure it out.

Any tips?



In the Operation manual of HALion 4, on the page 66 and 85, itś descibed quite well, in my opinion.

Where did you find the manual? Before I posted here I looked in the downloads and the product page of course. I only got the trial version so maybe the manual doesn’t come with the trial version?

Oooom, gotcha. You gave me a link. Thanks. Downloading now.

Much appreciated!