Quick question,

is there a possibility of using a tablet with USB to ethernet instead of wi-fi?

Would like to know if anyone is successfully using this method instead of wi-fi or if it is indeed impossible. I know there are only some tablets that have ethernet enabled capability.

Have no desire to enable the built in Wi-fi on my DAW but would like to use IC pro mainly for the key commnands option facility.


If you only need WiFi to communicate with a tablet, connect your DAW to a WiFi router via wired Ethernet.

If you already have a WiFi router that is too far from the DAW to wire to, then use a wired Ethernet connection to a WiFi bridge, which then connects wirelessly to the router to which your tablet connects. The bridge becomes your proxy wireless connection, bypassing the need to have WiFi drivers on your DAW.

A benefit of a bridge, with more than one wired port, is that any other wired Ethernet devices close to your DAW can also be connected to it to share the WiFi connection.

Direct from the horse’s mouth in the ic Pro without wifi? via USB? thread, ‘NO’!