Ethnic percusion in groove agent

Hi, I’m looking for the best sound for tabla, darbouka, cajon, irish bodhran… Do you have recommandation ?
Thanks !

There’s some in colliding worlds:

But its not what groove agent does best.

Ok thanks ! but if it’s not the best of groove agent… DO you have other recommandation (other plugin, tool…) for that ?

Stormdrum 3 from East West is excellent for Ethnic Percussion.
There’s the discovery Series for kontakt - the middle eastern pack.

You could also subscribe to splice or loopcloud for a few months and use one shot samples of Darbukas etc and construct your own ethnic instrument with groove agent. Thats what groove agent is good at. There’s plenty of multisampled ethnic drum packs.

That’s a great set. Very sound-designy. Totally up my alley!

UVI World Suite 2 was recently released and has all the instruments listed in the OP.

I’ve just bought that and its good but there’s no flexibility in terms of different mics to choose from. I find some of the sounds lack velocity layers / round robins / different articulations. But I need to use it more - some of the sounds are newer than others.

It look really good ! but not cheap :slight_smile:, thanks for the share !