Etude for Flute and Piano

I’m not sure if any of you know (let alone care) that my background is actually in legit music… here’s something I wrote earlier this year. It’s not recorded in Cubase – this was at a studio and it was (of course) Pro Tools. The piano was a Steinway, and the flautist is a friend of mine from college who is a working professional. This was actually two takes which were spliced together

Oh, and I couldn’t come up with anything better of a name for it :laughing:

Well, somebody say SOMETHING… don’t be afraid to say “it really sucks…” :laughing:

Clever and accomplished musicianship but a bit on the Avant- Garde side for me, :confused:

can’t knock this level of musicianship though… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I assume you… OOPS Let me first tell you how much I love this recording and the thoughtful interaction between piano and flute. This is gorgeous!!!

Now back to assumption, You are calling this classical because it is written out and not improved? To me this is ECM style of Jazz and very worldly. It reminds of the stuff John Taylor and Tony Coe did with Norma Winstone.

I have to hear more like this from you Doug, and get a name for this as it is far from being an etude :smiley:

Excellent. Chops and a half. :wink:

Some strange artifacts around 00:55 - 1:00 and again at around 1:18 - 1:20.
Like pedal thumps but they are distorted piano notes on the MP3?

I thought the flute could come down in level.

The file has a sudden-death cut off too.

Fascinating stuff. I am a lapsed flautist so know enough to understand the techniques involved.

The flute sounds like an out of body experience just might. It’s very interesting that there is so little articulation, or is that confused by the splicing together of the tracks? The piano is wonderful by the way. And yes, as an etude it works for the piano but unless the study is about legato playing on the flute - damn difficult to do over the complete range mind you! - then less so overall.


Sorry Doug if I sounded narky.

It’s fabulous stuff. Just nitpicking the things
you might like to look at.

I couldn’t play like that in a zillion years.

Aloha t,

A term I have not heard (or read) for many years. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Very nice work indeed.

Any chance of posting the notation?


I was immediately reminded of an album I once owned Bolling and Rampal - “Flute and Jazz Piano Suite”.
This track could have easily been on that album :sunglasses:

Nit pick: My tastes would have preferred less ambience on the flute… drier and a little more ‘intimate’ I reckon. :sunglasses:

Funny, Jazz was the furthest thing from my mind when I composed this…although I guess the jazzbo within me snuck thru. Regarding articulation, most of the time on a piece like this I don’t notate any articulation at all, and let the player interpret. When I solo the track, I can hear tonguing, but you’re right, in the mix it’s quite lost. Not sure what to do about that. Regarding artifacts, I am not hearing them, but if anything it could be pedal noise, since this was a mic’d piano. Kenny, Norma Winstone I am a bit familiar with, but not the others, I will check them out, thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and comments, gents :sunglasses:

Good to hear something a little different around here. Enjoyed it. I’d agree with the comment by Ian about the ambiance of the flute, suggesting to bring it more up front. And it does remind me of some ECM jazz as Kenny mentions. It’s a very interesting composition.

That is really enjoyable. Beautiful piano, and definitely jazzy - smooth and tense. I didn’t like the tone of the flute but a great duet with the piano.


Yeah, I love this track but do think there could have been better use (or use at all) of a spot mic to capture the intimacy of the flute.

The playing is amazing, but I’ve always thought you were an amazing pianist so the quality of the work is no surprise to me.

great playing again and nice mix.

Refreshing! :slight_smile:

Great job, Doug!