Euclidean grid on MIDI editor.

Considering it’s one of the most powerful DAW when it comes to MIDI, Cubase is lacking when it comes to Euclidean / polyrhythmics workflow.

The quantize panel can be set to tuplets but only in relationship to typical note values (aka, ^2 subdivisions and dotted & triplet variations). Unfortunately, if you want to write more complex tuplets in compound meters, (for example 5 notes over a 7/8 bar [5:7]), etc. you need to resort in common denominator trickery (in this case set 5tuplets of 8th notes and count 7 of such notes for each 5:7tuplet—see attachment). This makes it really slow and needlessly complicated to deal with…

I realize this sounds super niche, but I still think it would be great feature, especially for people who want to delve deeper into Euclidean rhythms, Carnatic (Indian) music, progressive rock, contemporary orchestral writing, complex electronica, and just general polyrhythmics.

My proposal is really simple: Add a “BAR LENGTH” option in the grid setting of the quantize panel, that would divide the bar into a grid of the chosen tuplet. Problem solved! If you want more control (and I do), add a “BETWEEN LOCATORS” option, and let us go crazy! :slight_smile:

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