Eucon 2019.5 Update

The New Eucon version is out.
Nothing changes as far as Cubase and Eucon integration.
Honestly, unless Steinberg comes out with a dedicated 8 motorized fader controller for Cubase that is superior to the Avid ones (and also does not uses Mackie HUI protocol), they better update their Eucon integration on their end becuase this is getting credulous…
And seems a little disrespectful to their pro users…

Found a bug with Cubase 10 and the new update.
Creating a new track will disable the Artist Mix for a good 30 seconds to 1 minute before it comes back with the new tracks…

I would wait before updating.


Just did a rough test yesterday and noticed, that the Plugins of the selected channel are now listed in sequence in the Artist Control under “inserts” with all available Parameters - cool :wink:


Yea… It’s always been that way. :slight_smile: If you press the “Aux” button… It will show you all of your sends in order.
I’m still going to wait to upgrade for a while though, because it sounds like there may be other issues. One being latency while updating the display. :frowning:


I couldn’t install it…it gave me an 1721 error (unable to run “killapp”…or something) any ideas?

Agreed. Rolled-back to previous version. :cry:


Agreed. Rolled-back to previous version. > :cry: >

Yepp! v18.3 - Works as expected. :stuck_out_tongue:


i made the mistake of updating my Ipad Pro Control and now it’s not compatible with 18.3. Any ideas how I can get the ipad app rolled back?

Luckily, I have IAmazing and had a back up which had an older version of ProTools Control on it.
I’m guessing Steinberg won’t update their Eucon protocol.

I was assured, in a email from Steinberg support in late March that Steinberg remain committed to the eucon protocol and hope to release updates in the next or next after that release, but such statements have been made publicly in the forums here about going back over the last 4 years or more.

It’s infuriating that this issue just get pushed back on every update. It does show a total disregard to people who have invested in avid controllers.

The constant stream of assurances with regard to updating the Steinberg eucon adapter without any action does nothing but leave many people completely disillusioned.

People who use avid controllers with Cubase/Nuendo need to write to Steinberg directly and frequently rather than posting here where issues with new releases take priority over this (and many other) failure by Steinberg to rectify long standing issues.

It’s turned into one big p**s take.

2019.5 is unusable on Nuendo 8/10.
The only thing fixed is the discrepancy in the values presented on screen when the faders of the S3 are at 0 value, I think this was an avid fix, not a steinberg one.
Auxs, and the bottom row of the S3 are unusable, I use the bottom row for controlling cue sends to the booth, it lags and freezes constantly, totally a mess of an update.
Solo track from the S3 is gone, it activates another function on Nuendo, tried everything already, couldn’t figure out the issue.
This is a two way street regarding who’s fault it is, 19.5 on PT is also a mess, had to revert to the release prior to the 18.3 one, the 18.3 release completely messed up the jog functions of the Dock on Nuendo.
Yeah, these two keep on selling a product promising support from both ends, its just not happening.

It’s a real eye-opener to use Logic and see how much better they support Eucon. Just one example: when you hide a track in your arrangement, it also hides on your control surface.

i envy you, we’ve been waiting four years for this and ither bug fixes, Avid have sent the latest SDK adapter to Steinberg AGES AGO, there really is no excuse for this situation. Its totally unacceptable and needs to released without delay!

Yeah, I would jump ship from PT and Nuendo if my line of work wasn’t Post.
Nuendo is my main daw, at this pace I’m just waiting for steinberg to announce the end of Eucon support so I can sell the S3 and Dock
There’s nothing out there in that price range as an alternative, and MCU just doesn’t cut. When Eucon works, you can do things way beyond the mcu/hui protocol, its not even close.
These last 2 updates from avid were a completely let down, lets see what happens with the 19.5.1 update, then its time to keep on buggin Steinberg.

Apple does not have a own controller. They happily work with what’s on the market. Getting hardware contollers to work make logic a better product. Yamaha have their Nuage, they don’t want to make competitors cannibalise on their own system. And sadly enough yamaha is also allowed to sabotage MIDI 2.0 standard as a founding member. So your option is go Logic or buy a Nuage.

The $800 Avid Artist Mix is not a competitor product for the $15000 Nuage :slight_smile:.

But S6 sure is

Look at the signatures of everybody posting in this thread. I seriously doubt anybody anywhere is using an S6 with Cubase :slight_smile:.

Ideally, a DAW isn’t going to force you into a corner in terms of control surface options. Steinberg could drop MCU or HUI support to try to sell more Nuages right? But it’s better to support a number of different protocols and let customers decide. EUCON is a big part of the reason I’m not using Studio One at the moment, and it’s a little frustrating to hear that SB is dragging their feet on an update that would improve that integration. It’s not a top priority by any means, and they have to balance development resources, but fixing the hidden tracks issue at the very least would be a nice improvement and add even more value to Cubase as far as me and other EUCON users are concerned. It’s a differentiator compared to S1.

Hey guys!
Cubase Pro 10 user here since … Pro 24 as far as I remember, but brand new user of an Artist Mix. I first bought an Icon Platform m+, but it didn’t really work as expected and Icon tech support is terrible; so I decided to give a chance with an Eucon unit as it’s embedded in Cubase.

Right now the unit is on firmware, and I’m using the latest EuControl update ( REL). I’ve read that people was experiencing bugs on 2019.5 with latest firmware (; personally it’s been only 1 day before they released since I have the Artist Mix, so I couldn’t really tell, but I’d like to get some feedback from users about how this 19.5.1 version works with 1.5.6 firmware with this specific unit before I upgrade to that firmware.
For me, everything works fine so far, the only things that don’t are the solo buttons which don’t solo the tracks, as well as some other things, but I’m still new with it so I’m still “RTFM” right now; though the solo function is a bummer for sure.

Any thoughts, advice, feedback?