EUCon 3.1.3 still causes Nuendo 6 crash upon quit?

Anyone experiencing the same issues as I do?
EUCon 3.1.3 still causes Nuendo6 to crash upon quit?


Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yes, that is happening with me too.
With both the Eucon software and Nuendo running, if I save the Nuendo session, then close Nuendo, I get a “Nuendo quit” message and then a dialogue asking me if I want to save the Eucon soft key changes.

I’m also experiencing a weird thing where I can no longer open any mixer windows, unless I open the Device Setup pane, in which case the mixer window reappears. This error doesn’t however happen if the mixer window is set to “always on top”. This problem was resolved initially by creating a clean new project and has been working fine until I reloaded the Eucon pane in the Devices setup dialogue. Not sure if they are related. I’ve put this on a separate post.

I only got the “do you want to save the changes to EUCon”-dialogue in the previous version, but not anymore in 3.1.3
And also the disappearing mixer-windows I only got (occasionally) in the previous version of EUCon…

In the meanwhile I’m experiencing another annoying EUCon issue; my MC Control’s display occasionally doesn’t update anymore unless I move my mouse, which was an known issue in v3.1.2.
I never used v3.1.2 because of this bug, and I downgraded to an older version. But now I’ve upgraded to 3.1.3 the bug re-appeared…I think I’ll have to downgrade again…

Since the different companies Apple, Euphonix(=Avid) and Steinberg have less and less interest in collaborating in projects like EUCon I am afraid we (as costumers) will more and more come stand apart.
Apple are only interested in making quick money with their IOS-ad-machines, Avid are only interested in building a high wall around their EUCon-ProTools-S6-combi and Steinberg won’t invest in EUCon any more while they’re building on their own Nuage-systems…

I feel your grief.
I am running 7 artist series controllers in 4 rooms.
All crash when I close Nuendo.

BUT, once they work they are all quite solid pieces of equipment.
(I wish I could have said that for one of the three IDs I was regularly using)

So, I just save my work, close Nuendo and wait for the crash. Not really a problem here.


Wait, I bought my MC Control used. I’ve only had it about 10 months now. So I’ve always wondered about this. Are you saying that the tracks page updates when you go past whatever the current track is on your Nuendo screen? In other words the MC show tracks 1 through 32. If I go to track 40 on the Nuendo screen the MC is supposed to update to show tracks 33 through 64?

I came in at Eucon V3.0, so it never updated and I always thought it was the most ridiculous design flaw I’d ever seen! :open_mouth: So you’re saying that this is a bug?

I JUST finished clawing my way back to getting my PC back to normal after ANOTHER EUCON CRASH!!! :angry:

Every single day the MC drops it’s connection with N6 and I have to un-install then re-install 3.1.2 application. This time when I tried the un-install process, I got a BSD crash, which I haven’t had since the earliest days of trying to incorporate the MC! It’s taken the last 2 hours running in safe mode and 2 system restores to get the PC back to functioning status.

I think I may be done with this BS! I have never in my life used a buggier, or more unstable piece of hardware than this thing. It is precisely this kind of crap that makes me a die hard console user! I can’t see myself ever giving up my mixer!

I am afraid my own theory forces me to downgrade to a real-working-setup like stated in this thread:

I’m no longer trusting companies like Apple, Avid or even Steinberg on their blue eyes (“It’s amazing”)
…making money is their only goal. Not keeping their costumers happy, and not even a mix of those 2…
I think EUCon rests in peace…

People from Steinberg; if you’re willing to prove the opposite, feel free to comment!
From my side it will be much appreciated!

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hi guy’s,

This I understand from Nuendo support will be fixed in the coming 6.5 release. The problem is related to the Steinberg EuconAdapter.

A new version of the EuconAdapter will be available then!

Best Regards


Workaround: remove every device from the Surfaces tab of the EuControl software and THEN close Nuendo. No crashes.

How do you do that?

Open the EuCon soft, go to the Surfaces tab and remove them

I am glad the front end is being worked on for this to work normally. It is hard to explain to people why the crashes are happening and why it is OK. Now if we could have clear all surfaces on a soft key we would be set.