Eucon 3.2.2 Released

For Avid Artist series users, Eucon 3.2.2 has been released. No issues with my rig so far.


Still problems with shft+fader= 0dB --> in the Cubase MC the fader jumps to 0db, on the Artist Mix, sometimes the fader doesn’t move, but if the bank changes, the fader goes to 0dB as well. On the Artist Control -->> no problem :wink:

Other issue
I have one(1) Artist Mix and one(1) Artist Control = 12 faders.
If I change the bank, it shifts only 8 faders not 12.



the issue with the shifting - 8 instead of 12 faders - is this occuring even though you set the “control banks independendly” correctly?

Cheers, Ernst

Hi Ernst

Now checking the situation

  • Unticked square for “Artist Control banks independently” banks both devices by eight (8) faders
  • Ticked square for “Artist Control banks independently” banks the Mix by eight (8) faders and the Control by four (4) faders
  • Changing the order in the “My surfaces” to have the Control first and the Mix second does change the position of the fader allocation, but still banks by eight(8) faders.

Doesn’t matter - I can life with it. Thanks for the hint. :exclamation:



Was working for about three(3) hours yesterday evening - lost 7 times the connection to the AVID gear - roll back to EUCON 2.7.1.

I really don’t know, what the SW engineers at AVID are doing :unamused: Seems, they just concentrate on S3 and other AVID made software.

To summarise - EUCON 2.7.1 has all the functions, but just banks with only four(4) faders instead of eight(8) or in an ideal world (in my case) with twelfe(12) faders. …and is rock solid - working all day without any problems :exclamation:
and… I still love this (Euphonix) AVID Artist gear :wink:


AVOID engineers seem to be under extreme pressure when it takes them half a year to update their drivers and then release a buggy version.

8 is standard and 3.2.2 seems to work fine in Cubase? What’s not working on your system? AFAIK the actual function support is in the steinberg EUCON connector, which is not part of the package but installed with Cubase? So not sure how a driver update affects these functions?


Possibly true :wink: , but I have all the commands, which came with Cubase 8.0.10 (ok, almost all) in the list on the Eucon Editor. Seems the communication is not that bad between these two programs.

Anyway, I think, that fuctions, like SHFT+Fader = 0dB, working on Eucon 2.7.1 shall work on EUCON 3.2.2 as well; or am I wrong :unamused:


Did not test that one yet, i’m probably only aware of 10% of the EUCON functions that should be there, only learned about quick controls today :wink:
I’ve that as soon as you make your own templates things go south easily, but outside some simple fader profiles i did not yet went there.
Anyhow, basic standard stuff seems to work fine so far

You have to go to EuCon 3 if you also run PT11, otherwise I’d still be on the mighty 2.7.1. That said, 3.2 has been pretty good for me, about one wobbly thrown every couple of months or so. Minor quirk that Quick Controls doesn’t do its nice comforting flashing thing when you press and hold the EQ button, but all the functionality is there. Not tried 3.2.2 yet mind.

Dang, those Eucons are sexy. Do they work with Cubase 8 sufficiently?

What about the compatibility is not perfect, if I might ask?

I seemed to have missed the back-story, or something. Thanks in advance for summarizing.

Shift fader works, EQ works, daw mixer knob doesn’t
Also i can not turn eq’s of vst’s on or of, or load them
I can only edit loaded and activated plugins/EQs
Btw NEVER install the EUCON connector download from the steinberg website, cubase installs it’s own connector, the version that comes with the installer currently v7.0xx

Thanks much, Raphie.

Just gear lust at this point. Hope they work all the kinks out.


Why do you use EuControl version 2.7.1 instead of 3.0.1, if 3.0.1 was the last version that the Shift + Fader = 0 was working properly?

I’m asking because I presently use 3.0.1… and have not yet noticed any differences between these two versions!


Shift fader is working fine in 3.22 no issues at all

Hi Raphie,

What is your system information?

It’s impossible to track issues if you can’t compare apples to apples, or in my case PC’s to PC’s! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Eucon 3.22 cubase 8.0.10 with eucon adapter v7 on win 8.1 pro

Hi Al

I’m not an IT freak - I just load the new update - sometimes update the related firmware as well - and let it run.
Just turn all the knobs and faders and if it’s working - fine :wink:
I did this with all released versions above EUCON 2.7.1 and roll-back always. One time because of strange messages after start-up of the Win7/64Bit another time because I lost functionality or it was unstable during operation.

I don’t know, why it’s running with you and not proper running with me :unamused:
Actionally I don’t care - I have almost all, what I need with the EUCON version 2.7.1

…and you are right - there is no big difference indeed :laughing:


Fair enough! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks Raphie… I guess I should have been more specific about what I was asking!

I’m also curious about your hardware, such as:
-Computer…PC, or Mac
-Processor… ?
-How are your EuCon devices attached…switch, router, direct, etc.
-Which EuCon devices do you have, and how many?

I’m just trying to troubleshoot why the Shift (on the surface) + Fader = 0 works for some, but not others. :nerd:

Thanks again!