EuCon 3.4

For those using Avid Artist/S3/S6 etc. there is a new release of EuCon - v3.4. Looks like it is mainly for PT users. I installed an hour or so ago and no issues have been encountered.


Thanks for the information - will install it this evening (CET) and see, if there is an improvement in exit of Cubase 8.5, which results mainly in a blue screen with the Version 3.3.2 :cry:


Hope this release improves your Cubase experience… In my case I find Cubase 8.5 unusable for several reasons so I look forward to Steinberg sorting things out (perhaps) with Cubase 9

Not great here in Win 7 64 bit. EuCon seems to crash when closing a Pro Tools project, also Cubase I think. Previous version was stable when working, though I do have an ongoing issue with it reporting a bonjour error that won’t go away after multiple uninstall / reinstalls.

Sorry to hear it… Can’t believe after all this time things are so unstable… Terrible really.


Installed EuControl v. 3.4 - now start-up with the windows start-up - works :exclamation:

Cubase start-up - fine
Cubase exit - fine - no bluescreen anymore

Firmware MC Mix v - no change
Firmware MC Control v. - no change

Ok, so far, it works. :wink:


Working fine for me on Win10 / C8.5

The only real change with an Avid S3 is being able to control automation read/write using the Rec Arm buttons, which is quite handy.

The new version of the Pro Tools Control iPad app is potentially quite useful as well. Much too fiddly for plugin control but the full screen soft key pages are good.


For those who are interested in the changes