Eucon 3 and mac with cubase 7.0.6?


Getting a new Imac and going to do a fresh install of cubase and all my stuff. on my old mac pro i am on eucon 2.7.1 and want to knwo if eucon 3 is ok with cubase 7.0.6 and the latest mac osx? since thats what i will want to try and go to if its ok?

just looking for some feedback on this


I don’t Know for the Mac but for the PC it’s OK except for the colors of the softkeys on Artist control touchscreen.

See this thread ans let us know of the same situation happens on Mac too.



Running EUCON 3.0 with Win7 64, no problems so far. Just noticed, that the start-up of the devices (MC Control+MC Mix) needs much more time (>1 minute) than before with EUCON 2.7.1.

The issue described with the colourhandling is as well correct - doesn’t affect my workflow that much, I think :wink: