Eucon Adapter Feature Requests

Thought I’d start a thread for Eucon users to discuss the features we’d like to see in a future update. I had an Artist Mix/Transport setup for about a year or so and have just replaced it with an Avid S3 which is awesome. Here are my ideas about how it could be even better…

These first two are the ones I would really love to see and would make a MASSIVE difference to the usability of the controller for me especially with big 200 track sessions:

  1. Channels hidden in Cubase should not be displayed on the controller. PLEASE if you just do one thing Steinberg, make it this! :slight_smile:

  2. Have the Cubase mixer respond to the S3 nudge/bank buttons so the channels displayed on screen follow those displayed on the controller.

And these are some more which would be nice bonuses:

  1. Have the option of changing the Record Arm buttons to control writing automation

  2. For a setup with more than 8 faders, spill EQ controls across 16 knobs instead of 8 (so that you have a dedicated ‘Q’ knob for each band and a dedicated ‘Type’ knob instead of having to use the buttons to switch between functions).

  3. On the S3, get rid of the level meter on the OLED’s so you can have more space for longer channel names. These meters are redundant because the S3 has it’s own LED meters.

  4. Make the control knobs linear i.e. no ‘acceleration’.

Any other Eucon users out there… I’d like to hear your thoughts.

If you disable the track it gonna be hidden…

Yes I know that but then the track doesn’t play so that’s not a solution. I want to be able to quickly recall sets of different tracks that I wish to focus on using Cubase Visibility Configurations and have my controller display the same tracks. You can partially use layouts to achieve something similar to this but it’s not anywhere near as flexible/fast/easy as it would be if Steinberg would implement the feature I’m talking about.

You can hide channel classes in the EUCON connector, like midi or outputs, that works fine. Hiding individidual channels is not possible AFAIK, would be nice indeed
I would like a clear EUCON addendum FROM STEINBERG on what EUCON functions have been implemented and what the correct KEY sequences/combinations are to get there. I discover new undocumented things every day.
I also would like to be able to overrule quick control settings with the regular remote control editor settings for VSTi’s (this works for VST’s)


Just to chime in…

There is a EUCON function called “Layouts” - at least with the MC Control it works fine.
Use it for Mixdown - GRP’S and FX’s. Could be used for Inputs only as well.
Is, unfortunately, not a global set-up, so must be done for ea. project from scratch.
Ea. CH can be allocated separately to ea. fader, as desired. :wink:


Yes but layouts is for locking channels to faders, not for preventing certain channels to appear on the controller full stop

Yes, I know and use the Layouts feature but it’s not anywhere NEAR as fast/easy as what I’m talking about.

Here’s an example…

I have a big project, say 200 tracks. I want to focus on 8 of synth tracks that are scattered through the project. If I want to see them all together on my S3 I have to create a layout. This will involve opening EuControl and probably around twenty mouse clicks, scrolling through a list of 200 tracks to find the ones I want. Then I might want to show the same tracks on my Cubase mixer so I have to go and set that up as well. Probably takes about 5 minutes. Then when I’m finished, I have to go back into EuControl and unassign my tracks. By this point I’m way way quicker just using my mouse.

OR…. here’s what I could do if they implemented what I’m talking about.

I can select the MIDI or Audio parts I’m interested in and hit the ’Show Tracks With Selected Events’ key command. And then…. Done! That’s it! One button pressed (or Eucon softkey) and my controller, my Cubase mixer and my arrange page all show the tracks I want to work with and nothing else to get in my way. When I’m finished I can use the ‘Undo Visibility Change’ key command to bring all my tracks back.

5 minutes versus 5 seconds. :slight_smile: For me personally, this would easily double how useful the controller is.

Agreed, or a simple EUCON SETTING: EUCON follows Cubase mixer

Yes that would do the job.

Yes Yes Yes :smiley:

It’s 2015 and still no sync with the mixconsole… :cry:

PLEEEEEAAASE Steinberg make this happen. I beg you! :slight_smile:

v8.5 didn’t bring us this change but hopefully it will come!

And the bug with mono tracks still remains… :confused:

did find some exciting hidden features using the long button presses:

CHAN (short) - Switch Channel Mode
CHAN (long) - Nothing

INSERTS (short) - VST Inserts
INSERTS (long) - VSTi’s !!! (VSTi Control Editor mapping! use PAGE> to flip through parameters or CHAN to splash out)

EQ (short) - EQ
EQ (long) - Quick Controls!!! (use PAGE> to switch from 1-8 or CHAN to splash out)

AUX (short) - Sends
AUX (long) - Nothing

PAN (short) - Balance (use PAGE> Link to link channels)
PAN (long) - Nothing

@Steinberg, why isn’t this stuff properly documented anywhere?

We have an S3 ,dock and ipad running on windows 7, with Nuendo 7. But we have found we can only successfully run just the S3. As soon as we attached the Dock and Ipad. We can operate for a while, then we just get random crashes, for no apparent reason. We can be doing nothing, and it (Eucon) crashes. This happens so often. We have written a script to restart Eucon.
If we run just the S3, 1 maybe 2 Eucon crashes a day, which is still to many, but bearable.
Using the latest Eucon software 3.4.1 have updated all firmwares. Pretty sure the Eucon adapter is the latest, can someone confirm what is the latest version of this.
But the problem appears to be with the Dock.But to be honest we don’t use them because they hold us back. So much so, they are unplugged sitting in the corner of the room. And unless they are made usable, that is where they will stay.

We have tried having all controllers pass directly through the router, I have tried the dock daisy chaining off the S3 the via a router. We have also tried (pre Ipad) running S3 and Dock (daisy chained) directly off pc ( NO ROUTER).
All work for a while, then Eucon crashes.

The pc is not connected to the internet (Company Policy now) which is going to make updating firmware an issue. Any help on this matter appreciated too. But this was a problem before we were taken of the net.

Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms? Is anyone else running this equipment successfully?
We have 2 systems, identical both the same problem.

I have no crashes with EUCON 3.4 and 2 artists, together with a Transport
I’ve left them on DHCP as they always get the same IP adress from the router based upon their MAC addresses.
I’m on Win10 Pro.

We have had Artists controls and we had no problems.
Here are the crashes can anyone understand ???
Eucontrol Crash 1.JPG
Eucontrol Crash 2.JPG
There is an actual Crash log. I am going to send to Avid. Not allowed to upload here.