Eucon adapter for MC Pro for Nuendo 64-bit

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Does anyone know the release date of the Eucon adapter (Pro Series) for Nuendo 64-bit? I really want to switch to 64-bit for composing as soon as possible. I have just build a new PC and want to create one uber template for all my VIs and don’t know how to follow - use VE Pro or wait for some time for the adapter and use all instruments inside Nuendo.

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Bump. Anyone from Steinberg wants to comment on that?

There was some rumors that AVID is working on the 64 bit Eucon adapter. It can be a long time, we had to wait 1.5 years for 64bit Eucon software.
At the moment the best solution ( at least for us here) is Win 7 64bit, N5 32 bit and jBridge. That way we can run samplers, PLAY 2, etc. in 64bit mode. If we need more power we still use FXteleport, on the slave PCs we just jBridge 64 bit VSTs into 32bit FXTeleport, works like a charm.

Mind one thing, if you want to do video with a Decklink card, there is no 64bit version of QuickTime yet, so N5 64 is no go for now.

Hope it helps a little


Thanks for answering. Avid said that 64-bit Eucon adapter for Nuendo is Steinberg resposibility:-(. Temporarily I am using VE Pro but would like to streamline my workflow by having all VIs directly in Nuendo.