Eucon Adapter version?

I’m thinking about investing in an Avid Artist Mix/Control control surface (we’ll probably never see an affordable offer from Steinberg).

After doing some checking, I am a bit concerned about the Eucon Adapter compatibility, though. The latest downloadable version, on the Steinberg site, is
This was released in 2012 (when Cubase was at v6.5), which is ancient in the software world.

On the other hand, I’ve seen v7.0.1 mentioned in this thread:

Why isn’t this available on the download page? What gives? Have Steinberg abandoned Artist series compatibility.

I’d appreciate an official answer before wasting thousands of €’s on an incompatible control surface.

The Eucon component is packaged with the Cubase installer. All you have to do is select Eucon during installation and you will have the latest version. You can re-run the installer and select Eucon as well.