Eucon and selecting tracks for automation

I have finally solved my long time problems with Eucon and Cubase. Now the connection is established firmly!! That’s great.
Now I want to write some automation, but it seems that Eucon and Cubase are not completely in line with each other regarding which track is going to be selected!
In my present situation, I have an instrument track selected track and my Artist Mix has selected the channel, the moment I touch the fader Cubase moves to the Tempo track where I just before made some edits.
This also happens VERY often when I record MIDI, and I move the mod wheel, Cubase will revert to thew previous selected track and start recording there.
What could be the reason?

I think you’re describing an old-ish bug. If you search I think you’ll find at least a couple of threads on this. I can’t remember if I figured out exactly how to fix it, but I think what I did was save-as, close the app and then reopen it. Maybe reboot the whole setup including the Eucon device(s).

I think I have brought up the subject before.
It’s really weird how Cubase keeps deselecting tracks without any notice. It’s not related to Eucon.
Here is another ex.
Switching timebase from musical to linear by a PLE macro is a fairly trivial task, but in my quite large project invoking the macro that drives the PLE to ex linear base, deselect the tracks and returns to the first track in the selection! This means that I can’t change timebase for a selection of tracks but need to do it individually.
Creating anew - empty - project with ex. 8 tracks and the PLE macro works as expected!
Back in the project again, after saving under a new name, the error is still there.
It seems that it’s related to hiding tracks, so if the selection spans over some disabled and hidden tracks Cubase loose track of the selected tracks or if you select tracks inside folders!

I also have problems with the up/down arrow which is selecting other tracks than expected.
Take a look here:

Yeah, arrow up/down track selection makes selection skip if tracks are hidden and seems to instead select the first available track in the window. Continuing to use the up/down key eventually gets you ‘back’ to the next selection.

In my case the track selector just keeps cycling between the global tracks, when it first goes there.
So it will take a mouse click to get it back.
No big deal you could argue, but on VI-Control I have quite a number of posts about this problems for years! And it’s absolutely crazy that it hasn’t been fixed.
I think!