Eucon Artist Mix set up. New to Cubase. Just downloaded 12 to evaluate

Hello, My search for the perfect DAW has brought me to Cubase 12. So far I am loving it… BUT,
Im having trouble getting my Econ Artist Mix to work. I know its older tech but its updated for ProTools Ultimate 2023 but is it compatible with Cubase 12?. Hopefully I am missing something. Can anyone direct me to how I can get this to work? Thanks very much.

Well… what have you tried so far???

I have an old Euphonix Artist Mix with;

Eucontrol version 2021.10.0.56 installed, and
Eucon version…

That software starts automatically when I boot the computer, and the Mix is connected via ethernet to my router (a Verizon wireless router). The Mix is pretty much always on so when my workstation is started the Mix is on first and then the PC starts up. Verify that the controller is seen by the Eucon software, and that the Eucon software sees your computer (if sharing via networking this could be a problem);

In Nuendo you have to enable it here:

PS: My system specs is in my sig…

I even use eucon for the iPad app as control so it does work (please update icpro!!)


Well hell, that was easy. All I had to do was enable it. Working! Thanks to you.

I’m only one day into the program. And spent the day trying to find a similar audio editing workflow as Pro Tools. Which I have 20+ years of muscle memory with. I’m on my way now. Thank you again very much!!

Enjoy your weekend


Yes! I am up and running and with iPad’s Avid Control. Thanks very much everyone.