Eucon Artist Series not working in cubase 7.5

Hi folks,
just upgraded from v5 to 7.5 and can’t get Eucon working. I get both devices showing up in the Eucon driver software. I add the device in the setup devices section in Cubase, and all looks good. But the control surfaces don’t light up or move at all…

What version of Eucon are you using? If you are using 3.1, make sure you update artist firmware.

Hi, I have the same issue, with EUcon 3.0 and EUcon 3.1 .

My solution was to step back to 2.7.1

This works without Problems.

Are you guys on mac or windows? On my mac it’s working fine with eucon 3.1 under mavericks. Only caveat is when I quit cubase it crashes.The crash log is telling me it’s because of eucon. No matter if I’m using EUCON 3.1/ 3.0/ 2.7.1

I’m on windows 7. Eucon 3.1 is solid and working good here. Yes, I get the crash AFTER Nuendo/Cubase closes. It does not affect Nuendo/Cubase as it happens after the program closes, so you don’t lose anything. It is just a minor annoyance to close the window everytime you quit.


same here - Win7 64bit - after installing even EUCON 3.01, there was a lack of funcionality, e.g. application switch and/or bank changes.

Steped back to EUCON 2.7.1 - all fine with me :wink:



I am on Windows 7/Ultimate 64 >Bit.

Cubase used to Crash (7.5) until I started to start it with Administrator privileges.

Cheers, ERnst