Eucon Artist Transport softkey behavior has changed

I recently updated the Avid control app / Eucontrol, but now some buttons on my Artist Transport behave differently. I had the soft keys configured to set the function of the jog wheel (Trim head / Tail / Slip / Clip gain / Fade in / out). This was very handy since I only had to press a soft key once to select the function.

After updating to latest Eucontrol version (2023.6.0.103), pressing a button toggles through different things. For example: I have a key assigned to “Jog Trim Head”, but now when pressing it, it toggles through “Jog Trim Head” - “Mouse Wheel” (?) - “nothing”.

I know this is probably Avid’s fault (!), but is anybody having similar issues, or have any clue what’s happening here?


As you mentioned, the change happened after the EuCon update (Nuendo hasn’t changed), therefore it’s clear Avid had to change anything. Therefore I would get in contact with Avid.

Yes, it is clearly something that Avid changed so I will contact them as well. I was just curious if anybody else had noticed something similar, or perhaps someone at Steinberg might have an idea about this.

Interesting use of the jogwheel, I never thought of that (and never touch the wheel on my Artist Control. Wondering if it could work the same on my unit.
On topic: have you tried downgrading? Or is it a firmware upgrade that disables this functionality?

Yes, it works pretty well. I had been looking for a way to use a jogwheel like you can do on the Nuage consoles. Using the wheel to trim clips, move / slip, fade in/out, gain. The Artist Transport does the job very well by assigning softkeys to activate the desired jog wheel function.

Unfortunately I can’t downgrade to previous version since the Avid Control app (iPad) cannot be downgraded from the Appstore. And the app won’t work if the Euconversions don’t match.

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ah that is shitty. I’ll check my artist control asap for this functionality!

Curious to know how your setup is working in this regard…

I can confirm unpleasant behavior of selecting nearly all JogWheel actions on my AVID Dock under NUENDO as well.
Also if I try to select them via AVID Control app, I sometimes have to select the desired command 3 times to get it right selected.
Someone else at also has the problem.
Although It seems to be an AVID-problem, I have to say that all these functions can be selected in ProTools without a problem.

Hopefully there will be a new EUcontrol Version with a fix soon.


@Misja_van_Waterschoo Oh man I hope they fix this for you all because this is an awesome feature and implementation! This makes the Artist Control sooo much better for Dialogue and SFX editing!
Thanks for posting the issue and here’s to hoping it will be fixed soon.

BTW I’m running an old version of Eucon (2022.09.044 + on a Euphonix MC Control Mk2.

I managed to roll back to 2022.12.1.34, was not so easy with the Android app.

Now it is smooth again.

@Dirx Great that you could rollback on Android. Unfortunately this is not possible on iPad.

I did find a way to kind of fix the issue of having to press multiple times. When I assign a softkey to: “Wheel > Transport Shuttle > Left edit: [function]” instead of “Transport Jog”, I can select a function by pressing the soft key once.

Also, since the latest update, the slider in de Monitor tab that enabled me to set “Dim level” (located above the control room level) doesn’t work anymore.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in contact with Avid support. They haven’t been able to find a solution to these issues. Hopefully they will fix it in another update.

Thank you for sharing, I will give it a try when I return to a newer Version.

I also had strange other issues with 2023.6 and ProTools, so I’ll wait for a new release.

There seems to be something around the corner this month…I hope also Eucon…

Hello, bumping for side(?) question,
does anyone know how to
move/nudge selection without any
grid-snapping quantization…?

so I can fine-move wave files…?

It is being moved by grid which is pretty
annoying… haha…

Jog Wheel works very nicely.


You can set the Nudge step size independent on the Grid.

De-activate the “snap” function?

I think it is on AVID end to resolve, its been questioned before but free-sizing just does not work on Cubase which is unfortunate… it is all good :slight_smile: thanks! (I think on Pro Tools it works, moving audio freely (smallest incre, decrements) but not on cubase I believe.