Eucon / Avid S3,S1 VCA/Folder Spill

Hey guys,
what is about the VCA/Folder(new) Spill with Nuendo and the Avid Controllers/Eucon? It is a very important thing. And we can’t synchronize the visible channels in Nuendo Mixer with the Eucon consoles (S3). Why? Please! Give us the opportunity to organize our Eucon controllers with our Nuendo Mixer. And the spill function (VCA AND FOLDER) is a perfect tool.

PLEAAAASE! :relaxed:

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VCA spill in general would be very useful, not just on the Avid controllers.

There is already a spill system in Nuendo. It’s really smart but still a bit to limited.
It’s called expand on the Nuage and IIRC show tracks connected to first channel or something stupid like that in Nuendo. If you don’t get what I mean right click on a channel in the mixer and look through the list. You will understand what I mean when you see it (Not at Nuendo right now).

However this feature Is limited to one channel as the basis for “the spill”. Often we may need two or more, but Nuendo can’t do that.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the function called “Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel” is quite close to a normal VCA spill, it would be great if there was an option to prevent it from hiding the rest of the VCAs. On Nuage it would be great if it could spill the members on the second surface and keep all the VCAs where they were.

Or am I missing something?

No, as far as I can remember you are correct.
I think there are workarounds when using the Nuage. But it’s been a year since I used it (although I do have four Nuage systems ordered as a little Christmas present).

…I was asking for Avid S3 and other controller. I can’t synchronize visible channels in Nuendo Mixer and Avid S3. There are always all channels visible.

I think this feature is way better than just VCA Spill, since it doesn’t limit you to VCA Groups. If you want to keep the VCA visible, just select the VCA with that channel expand option and you have all the connected channels, regardless if their in a VCA group or not.

The drawback isn’t the feature it’s the Hide/Show issue that everybody has been screaming for years for Steinberg/Avid to fix. Once THAT logjam is broken, all kinds of options will open up with the included Nuendo features.

This issue is well known, years long outrageous issue and has caused lots of irritation among Eucon Users. See here, for example. EUCON Update! - #128 by Outsounder

Supposedly, there is a second patch to N11 due to arrive this month to fix this problem. But, so far, we haven’t seen or heard anything about it.

Sorry but I’m not sure if I understand you and if you understood me. I agree that this function is useful but my issue is that if I use the “Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel” for VCA 1, VCA2 disappears because it is not connected to the VCA1. Are you by any chance implying that it’s possible to avoid this?

I understood you just fine and that is exactly what I am saying. All you’d have to do to keep all of your VCA’s visible while using the Channel Expand feature (show all channels connected to selected channel) is to LOCK YOUR VCA’s to the left or right of the mixer via the Zones option. Anything locked stays visible no matter what other changes you make on the mixer.

Thanks for the clarification, now I understand. I haven’t thought of that. Thank you!

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