Eucon / Avid S3 -what does the new VCAI knob do?

I’m working on a session in Cubase 8.0.2 and on the top row of knobs (which allow you to choose INSERTS, EQ, AUX etc.) I am seeing knob #13 show VCAI. I’ve not seen this before so I guess it must be something to do with the 8.0.2 update. If I press/turn the knob, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Does anyone know about this. Is there some sort of new feature here? Obviously sounds like something to do with VCA channels but I can’t figure out what.

WHERE? :mrgreen:

The top knob on channel 13. It’s lit up blue and says VCAI on the screen. What does this mysterious knob do? :slight_smile: Perhaps it’s just some kind of bug with the new 8.0.2 update and shouldn’t really be displayed. Or is there a new feature. The 8.0.2 release notes don’t mention anything about Eucon.

Ahh… I see what you mean now!

I don’t know for sure, but I believe “VCAl” stands for VCA Link! But, even if I setup multiple VCA links in a project, it still does not enable the button on the EuCon controller!

Sorry…I don’t know either!

Yes, actually it could be an L for link, rather than an ‘i’.

I double checked in Cubase 7 and this knob does not appear. Only in 8.0.2. Come on Steinberg! Give us a little clue!!! :slight_smile:

Yes… this is new with 8.0.2, because it is also not included in 8.0.1, to which I have rolled back to because as I have said before… I prefer the flexibility! :wink:

There is at least one new bug that I have observed with 8.0.20! The real-time analyzer on the “Channel Settings” page sometimes doesn’t work properly, or at least not the way it works in every other version of Cubase since it was implemented!

When the “Channel Settings” page is turned on ( the “e” button) the real-time analyzer does not function when there is clearly audible sound passing through the channel… but after a while it starts to work, and I’m not sure if anything I did triggered it to start working again!

So, clearly there is more polishing to do, and I’m more comfortable waiting until Cubase Pro 8 is more solid for me before I move to the next iteration at the expense of what I already have!