Eucon Commands -> Mixer Views

Hi all,

I’m impressed by N6, but I found a major issue for me:
in N5.5 I was able to switch global mixer views (sends, meters, eqs, etc.) via Eucon-commands, even if the mixer windows was not in focus. E.g. the edit window had the focus and I was still able to switch views on the mixer window via artist-buttons. Great help while mixing to have a fast global overview.

In N6 this has changed. Now the mixer window HAS to have the focus or any Eucon view commands would not work. This means I have to hover the mouse over the mixer window and click it, or press F3 twice to apply focus. Which is a huge step back in ergonomics as far as I am concerned. Is there any way to get the old behaviour back?

The new rack-view seems more cluttered to me. And now you have to activate items first and then switch again to open the view. Is there any way to select a rack-item and open it to full view with one click?


This is indeed a deal breaker. It sucks.
I’ve complained about this in other threads. We all hope its going to be fixed next time.
Unfortunately, you have to have the racks visible to be able to expand/hide them. I’ve programmed a macro on my MCPro to automatically show/expand, collapse/hide the racks. Space saver :mrgreen:

One of the reasons I do main work still in N5. My remote controller is nearly worthless in N6 since mixerviews cannot be controlled without mouseclicking and jog-wheel no longer skips frames…

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