Eucon commands not working in n11

I’m on Artist Series hardware with the latest version of Eucon and I’m noticing that 90% of the PROVIDED EUCON COMMANDS no longer work in N11. This process had started in N10 and appears to be getting worse. The obvious work around is to just write a KC and then insert it into the Eucon Command block. But now, I’m writing 100’s of KCs to replace the no longer working EUCON versions.

I have the most important and most used KC’s written to my X-Keys module, so I don’t have to waste time paging as I would on my MC Control. But I did like the ability to reach some commands from multiple locations, depending on where I was in the process. Now, I’m having to waste more time restoring this function. This is NOT instilling any confidence in the upcoming patch due out in March. If we’re constantly having to replace functions with each iteration, it’s not going to be worth the bother at some point.

Anybody else noticed this loss of functions with their soft keys on the MC Control?