EuCon - Cubase Crashing when loading projects

It’s not a C13 Thing… I think it happens with 11,12 and now 13. I don’t even know if it’s cubase fault.
I have 2 Avid S1 + Dock on Cubase and it’s PRETTY common to crash cubase when opening a project and 99% of the time, the problem is on the libEuCon2.dylib file (I know that because when you open cubase again, it says why it crashed and ask me if I want to continue).
I rarely use Pro Tools so it’s hard to tell if it crashes there, but I NEVER crashed while opening a Pro Tools Session.
It seems that If I click to open the project and go to other window (Finder, or chrome, for example) and leave the project loading in background it’s when the thing happens more often. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or it’s really something that can trigger the crash. I’m currently running on a macMini M2 Pro (Ventura) but it also happened on my MacBook Pro Intel (Ventura) and also happened on my old Hackintosh computer running Mojave/Monterey, so I don’t think it’s a system specific thing.
I don’t remember having a crash while the project is opened. This problem is more annoying than show stopper.

Has anyone had similar issues running Eucon ?


I can see this crash from time to time. I think it’s on Avid side to fix the library.

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Thanks Martin!
It’s good to know I’m not alone!

hi Pgsudio , I am having lots of crashes and Martin tell me its Eucon , I am trying to get in touch with Avid I know a couple of people there , I have had this many crashes before . but Eucon have just dropped an update and I am now on C13 as well , I can’t seem to go back a version on my iPad so I am stuck on the current Eucon version . I am gonna try C12 tomorrow .

Martin , I am trying it speak to Eddie at Avid on this , but is there some Steinberg can forward on to Avid on this crash ?

also just noticed the Eucon build in Cubase is from July which was there version before this one ( EUCON 2023.6 ) were now on (2023.11.) as of Nov

So thing else I am trying for a couple of day is not connecting the iPads , so just using the 3x S1s and Dock .

have you tried only using the hardware and not the iPad by any chance ?

So today not a single crash , I am using Eucon but haven’t switch in the iPads , so just the 3 x S1 and 1x Dock .

Monday I wil wokring the same Project and I will use the iPads again to see if that the Crash …!

I just updated to 2023.11 And so far so good. I opened and closed at least 10 projects in a row and not a single crash. I don’t know if it’s luck or if it’s better! Let’s wait some time and see!

Howes your system going with EUcon ? I haven’t had the crash on quit for a while but I am still getting random Cubase 13 quitting , but cant repeat Steinberg say its the eucon adaptor