EUCON Cubase inserts: Is there a way to

not splash out plugin control in CHA mode, but have 1 value of the plugin being directly controlled from the rotary?

I know how to load insert slots with a selected plugin. but what if you use the same plugin on each channel and you only want to alter 1 parameter, i.e. gain, the same for each channel. Is it then possible to to select this paramenter for all channels and just tweak it directly by pushing the inserts knob, without pushing it again to select the parameters, for the channel you push it on?

I’m having a SSL Sigma Delta plugin on my 16 stereo outputs and moving into channel mode is killing the workflow and flipping faders is killing the alps. Is there anything smart I can do with the remote control editor to have 16 instances of this plugin spanned over 16 faders, rather than moving into each one, one by one, via the cha mode?

i.e. if i take the outputs away from being “euconized” could I use the quick control editor to assign these in mackie control mode? (or maybe I can do in EUCON directly?)