Eucon - Does it work with Cubase Elements 8 ?

Hi Guys,

I am trying to work out if Eucon will work with Elements 8 & if so, how do you enable it ? I don’t see Eucon under the devices window…



Hey Guys,

i still can’t get this working - i have tried installing the older steinberg eucon adaptor but if it’s not even expected to work, it would be good to know


I think only cubase pro supports the eucon protocol. The eucon protocol is a paid option which is standard in Nuendo and Cubase pro, at least this was the case with cubase 7 and nuendo 6.

^^^This is old information and no longer true!^^^ :bulb:

Steinberg no longer requires a separate license to use the EuCon adapter, and now includes the EuCon adapter within the Cubase installer…

I found this link while scanning for Cubase comparison charts [u]HERE![/u]

Sorry…it looks like EuCon is not supported for Cubase Artist, nor Cubase Elements!


As said before “I Think” and “at least this was the case with cubase 7 and nuendo 6” !
No offence whatsoever, but stating that it’s old information is OK, but that it is false or not true is a bit hasty me thinks :smiling_imp:

Please don’t feel like it was a personal attack!

What I stated is a matter of fact… If you like, you may check my facts [u]HERE![/u]

Notice that the date of Timo’s announcement post pertaining to the EuCon Pro license is late January 2012, and also that the EuCon Adapter available [u]HERE[/u] references Cubase 6.5, and Nuendo 5.5.4., and not Cubase 7, or Nuendo 6!

So… no offence, but I’ll leave it for others to decide who has been hasty here! :wink: