Eucon Euphonix MC control is gone

Somehow my Eucon/Euphonix does not show up in the remote device list.
Clicking on the + does not show it either…
In C5.5.2 on OSX 10.6.6 this was OK.
I am running the latest Eucon soft.


you need the new Steinberg EuCon Adapter for Cubase 6 to be able to use your MC Control in Cubase 6.
We have just released it and it is available here:


Hi Sebastian,
Excellent support! :smiley:
Thanks a lot.

I will install the new Steinberg EuCon Adapter later.

I want to request a time saving for many of us who use a lot of tracks and have many of those hidden…
Why not having the option, on the Eucon Device, to hide the hidden tracks on the controllers?

The EuCon adpater is installed, + firmware of my EuCon is apdated as well. Thanks.

I would also enjoy only seeing the tracks in my current mixer show up on the euphonix.
The tracks lists between the device and nuendo should always be in sync.