Eucon has vanished from device setup

Any Cubase comrades have a suggestion for me?

Ive upgraded to Cubase 8 (from 7.5) & now lost Eucon communication & functionality. Eucon no longer appears in the Device setup / Remote Transport list.

Please help.

MacPro 10.10.4
Cubase 8.0.30
Eucon 3.3.1 (all Avid surfaces firmware up to date)

Steinberg tech support had me do a fresh install to Cubase 8.0 & Eucon functionality ok. Minutes later I updated Cubase 8.0 to the current offering of 8.0.30 and Eucon vanishes from selectable devices again. Once I reverted back to Cubase 8.0 then and only then Eucon adapter appears again & works as expected.

This is a software bug then?