[EuCon] Hidden mixer tracks are not hidden on a device

i have 3 Avid Artist Mix and found that “hidden” tracks (hidden in the mixer and/or arrange window!) are still shown on the EuCon devices. They only get excluded from the device when i disable those tracks.
When i have larger sessions, 50+ Tracks, i hide quit a lot of tracks when it comes to the final mix - they have been premixed of course.
So all these cool show/hide functions are not reflected on the EuCon devices - is this a normal behavior in Nuendo 7?

PT 10/11/12 does this quit diffrent (act as expected) and exclude tracks when they are hidden!

Can someone tell me if this is a wrong setting in my system, or if this is a normal behavior in Nuendo…


Does it work in N6.5?

Are you guys out there don´t use EuCon and/or the Artist Mix?

at the monent i don’t have 6.5 still installed on my system. i might think of a reinstall.

Are you using 6.5 with Eucon 3.3 and a Artis Mix? Is “hide track” working on the device for you?

I saw N6.5 in your spec so thought it might be worth a try as I had heard of a similar thing happening with the Tango controller that I use.

Hi… No, certainly on my rig (N7.0.20, Mac Pro running Yosemite, two Artist Mix and one Artist Control) track hiding in the N7 mixer does not hide the corresponding track on the Avid/Euphonix control surfaces.

I had hoped (and was under the impression) that this would start happening with N7 and the latest Eucon, etc. I believe it was promised to arrive with Eucon 3, as it was apparently the limitations of Eucon 2 that stopped Steinberg from implementing it.

But nope, no joy here. FWIW, I don’t think the Artist series has been able to do this with any previous version of Nuendo either.

I’m like you, I end up with fairly large track counts. I frequently need to do automation passes on a set of tracks that are scattered across the mixer, and the obvious way to do that is to hide all the tracks in-between the tracks in question so that the channels you need are side-by-side on the faders. But that’s a no-go.

My current solutions (in no particular order of preference) are, or have been:

  1. Just do multiple passes. Boring.

  2. Move the tracks I want to automate to the end of the track list. This totally fouls up my channel order, but when I’m in a rush and I know that this automation pass is the last thing I’m going to do to the project before never looking at it again, it’s an option.

  3. Something I’ve recently started doing - Make a new VCA fader for each channel that I need to automate, then keep all the VCA faders together at the bottom of the track list and automate those faders instead. Obviously this has only become an option since N7. It works ok, but means I’m adding a lot of unnecessary tracks. Also, I guess this solution is only any good for automating channel faders i.e. not pans, sends, fx, etc.

If anyone knows more about the status of this feature, mark me down as very interested. Maybe I’ve missed something? An option in the Eucon prefs maybe, or…?

Can someone from Steinberg chime in here pls?
This must be a STEINBERG EuCon Adaper thing, because ProTools is working just fine with EuCon…

It’s really hard to understand why track hidding is not implemented for some reason.
Nuendo is quit a step up in many cases, but some of the bone dry features are REALLY MISSING ?!

Steinberg, can we have some kind of idear why things like this are missing?

Could it be that they are overlooked because Steinberg are busy trying to sell more Nuage systems?

I’m a Cubase user but I think Eucon implementation is pretty similar to Nuendo. I used to have an Avid Artist setup and now have an S3 and neither of them have ever had this feature. PLEASE Steinberg make this happen. :slight_smile: The controller would be SO much quicker to use.

I’m going to copy/paste a post I made about it on the Cubase forum:

"Here’s an example…

I have a big project, say 200 tracks. I want to focus on 8 of synth tracks that are scattered through the project. If I want to see them all together on my S3 I have to create a layout. This will involve opening EuControl and probably around twenty mouse clicks, scrolling through a list of 200 tracks to find the ones I want. Then I might want to show the same tracks on my Cubase mixer so I have to go and set that up as well. Probably takes about 5 minutes. Then when I’m finished, I have to go back into EuControl and unassign my tracks. By this point I’m way way quicker just using my mouse.

OR…. here’s what I could do if they implemented what I’m talking about.

I can select the MIDI or Audio parts I’m interested in and hit the ’Show Tracks With Selected Events’ key command. And then…. Done! That’s it! One button pressed (or Eucon softkey) and my controller, my Cubase mixer and my arrange page all show the tracks I want to work with and nothing else to get in my way. When I’m finished I can use the ‘Undo Visibility Change’ key command to bring all my tracks back.

5 minutes versus 5 seconds. :slight_smile: For me personally, this would easily double how useful the controller is."

I use the EuCon software for layouts, but it would be cool to have an option where the mixer follow the software.

Yes, I use layouts too but it’s nowhere NEAR as quick/easy as if they made hidden tracks in Cubase also hidden on the controller, as I described in my previous post.